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Personal Branding | InteractiveAmy

Personal Branding

Do you have a personal brand? What does that mean, anyway?  (Hint: mine is interactiveAmy, and you found me, right?!)

A personal brand is defined as: Your total perceived value, relative to competitors, as viewed by your audience.

Creating a personal brand is rapidly becoming a necessity: both employers and customers are choosing whom they work with on the basis of a person’s personal brand just as much as their other qualifications.

Whether you are searching for your next job or a life partner, interactiveAmy can help you:

  • Define the right personal brand for you
  • Recruit and build a network of superstars who can help you reach your goals
  • Implement a strategy for maintaining dynamic contact with key contacts

Personal Branding services include: revamping (or building) your resume, cover letters, and executive bios, plus Linkedin and Dating site profiles makeovers and more.

interactiveAmy can help build a positive reputation that precedes you. Let’s get started building your brand.